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How to buy co-extruded film bubble bag?

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How to buy co-extruded film bubble bag ?
1. Plan appropriate specifications in accordance with your own product standards.
In practice, if there is a bubble film on hand, cut it with a knife yourself, stick the tape, make a bag by hand, and plan a suitable size for the product. Why did you do this? Because manufacturers generally plan too large, their own planned scale is not only more beautiful, but also can reduce costs. Note that there is a surplus, and there is an error of about 1cm in the factory production.
Co-extruded film bubble bag is made of bubble film. The quality of bubble film is a very important criterion.
Some parameters of the bubble film are as follows:
1. Material quality: Generally divided into new materials and recycled materials.
From the point of view of the product, the whole volume of the bubble film of the new material is white and pure, the transparency of the single piece is high, there are no visible impurities, no nasal smell, and the hand feels comfortable; there are many varieties in the recycled material, which are also divided into good and bad. The distance is large, the color is darker and more opaque, the more impurities, the more pungent the smell. The good single piece of recycled material also has high transparency. It can be distinguished by checking whether there are crystal points on the film. The recycled material is unevenly melted and crystal points are prone to occur.
2, bubble diameter: generally mainly 6mm, 10mm, 28mm these types, there are 20mm (less common), there are heart-shaped bubbles (special appearance, pressure is not as good as round bubbles).
The most common is the 10mm bubble diameter, which can be used in a wide range of compression. 6mm is characterized by beautiful appearance, bubbles look very regular, suitable for products with outer packaging such as telephones, mainly anti-wear, belt shock absorption. The 20-28mm bubble diameter is a large bubble, which is characterized by a high bubble height. Generally, the thickness of the film will be made thicker, and the shock absorption effect is the best. The figure below shows the bubble diameters of 6mm, 10mm, and 28mm from left to right.
3. Thickness: This thickness is not the height of the bubble, but the thickness of the film (a few wires). Newcomers are simply ambiguous here. Because the bubble film cannot directly measure the thickness with a micrometer, the statement of how many grams per square meter is generally used (similar to A4 paper has 70g, 80g). The larger the weight, the stronger the compression, and the harder the hand. In the figure below, 1, 2 and 2 bubble films have the same size and the same bubble height, that is, one light and one heavy.
(1) The common thickness of 10mm bubble diameter is from 35g / ㎡ to 100g / ㎡. It can also be made thicker, such as 200g / ㎡, but for the user, the cost is too high, so it is very small. According to experience, the thickness of 65g-85g / ㎡ is a good choice, the compression resistance is good, and the cost is not high.
(2) The common thickness of 6mm bubble diameter is from 35g / ㎡ to 100g / ㎡. According to experience, 50g-70g / ㎡ is suitable for this kind of small bubbles.
(3) The thickness of 20-28mm bubble diameter is used from 100g-200g / ㎡. The most commonly used is 200g / ㎡. Because the bubble is large, if the thickness is too thin, it is easy to burst. Therefore, the commonly used thickness is relatively thicker than the small bubbles.
4. Special process: double-sided blistering, printing, colorful bubble film (1) Double-sided blistering: also called three-layer bubble film, which is a bubble film with central bubbles on both sides of the film. Under the condition of equal weight of this film, the pressure resistance is not as good as ordinary bubble film. However, compared with the general bubble film, it has a certain heat preservation function and can be made into a rubber seal.
(2) Printing: The structure is the same as that of the three-layer bubble film. The printed content on a layer of flat film is generally a circular logo. The cost is not much added, but the level is greatly increased. And can promote the brand and bring traffic.
(3) Colorful bubble film: when participating in the masterbatch, it can produce the desired color. In addition to pink on the market, some other colors are rare. Adding capital and MOQ does not mean much to product packaging.
Third, the selection of suitable material quality, bubble diameter, thickness and special technology differs depending on the product.
1. In addition to the anti-vibration and anti-wear of your co-extruded film bubble bag products, is it about the appearance of the package? Ability to select materials accordingly
2. How high are your co-extruded film bubble bag products against earthquakes? The larger the bubble diameter, the thicker the thickness, the stronger the shock resistance; but the harder the hand feel, it is also necessary to consider whether the product will be scratched.
3. Does your co-extruded film bubble bag have any insulation requirements? Is there a demand for it? Need to plan the color of packaging products in conjunction with company VI? Personally, the co-extruded film bubble bag for printing the circular logo is very cost-effective, which not only improves the product level, but also occupies the customer's mind, and can also bring traffic.
4. Co-extrusion film bubble bag making process and production ability
1. Co-extruded film bubble bags are all heat-sealed bags. You can check whether the hot mouth is regular and strong.
2. The scale of the factory, production ability, and distribution ability are the key elements of investigation.
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