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Bubble film manufacturers introduce the precautions in bubble film packaging

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/100.html Release time: 2019-11-06

Bubble film manufacturers introduce bubble film packaging is a major form of middle packaging. Bubble film is a very good material to protect goods, shock, pressure and scratches, but also pay attention to the following points in bubble film packaging:


① The bubble film has a concept of new material and recycled material: the new material is the material that was first participated in production, and the corresponding recycled material is the recycled material mixed with the old material or even waste material. The color of the recycled material is dull or even black, and it is easy to hold breath. Although the bubble film of recycled materials also has anti-shock effect, it will obviously reduce the image of your items, so you must pay attention to it before buying

② Bubble film has many attributes: for example, large bubble and small bubble, the standard diameter of large bubble is 1cm, while the small bubble is 0.5cm, the height of large bubble is 0.35cm, and the small bubble is 0.25cm, The large bubble has a much better shock-proof effect than the small bubble, and the large bubble has a large bubble thickening type and a large bubble ordinary type, mainly the thickness of each bubble and bubble pad, generally speaking, the width is 60CM 100m thick bubble film should be qualified above 2.5KG, while ordinary ones are qualified above 2KG;

③ Get out of the bubble film misunderstanding: Bubble film manufacturers see that many buyers buy the bubble film and reflect that the bubble is not so full, in fact, just like a balloon, the more bulging the balloon is more likely to break, and the less gas balloon is not So easy to break, the reason is that when the product is placed on the bubble film, the bubble is too large to easily bear the item at a point, and the less-than-sufficient item will spread the weight of the item on one side. One point is big, so when you buy a bubble film, don't think that the pursuit of bubble film is insufficient. Generally speaking, enough gas is 2/3 of each bubble, which is the ideal bubble film.

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