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Bubble film manufacturers go green

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/102.html Release time: 2019-11-14

Bubble film manufacturers go green . 气泡膜 也逐渐走向绿色环保之路。 With the increasing development of science and technology today, bubble film is gradually moving towards green environmental protection. 重复再用和再生的包装材料制作的防静电 气泡膜 ,重复再用包装, Anti-static bubble film made of bubble film reuse and recycled packaging materials , reused packaging,

Recycling packaging, such as polyester bottles, can be recycled in two ways after recycling. The physical method is to directly purify and pulverize completely without any residual pollutants. The treated plastic is directly used to regenerate packaging containers. PET 粉碎洗涤之后,用解聚剂甲醇水、乙二醇或二甘醇等在碱性催化剂作用下,使 PET 全部解聚成单体或部分解聚成低聚物,纯化后再将单体或低聚物重新聚合成再生 PET 树脂包装材料。 The chemical method refers to pulverizing and washing the recovered PET , and then using a depolymerizing agent such as methanol water, ethylene glycol, or diethylene glycol to depolymerize the PET into monomers or partially depolymerize it into an oligomer under the action of an alkaline catalyst. The monomer or oligomer is repolymerized into a recycled PET resin packaging material.


The recycling and recycling of bubble film manufacturers only prolong the service life of polymer materials such as plastics as packaging materials. After reaching the service life, they still face the problems of waste disposal and environmental pollution. Adding a small amount of photosensitizer during plastic processing can make general plastics into photodegradable plastics.

Due to the photo-initiating effect of photosensitizers and photochemical reactions to generate radical initiation sources, the photodegradation process of polymers can be accelerated. Both polymers and natural polymers containing genes that are prone to hydrolysis have high biodegradability. 表示这类塑料的降解机理是淀粉颗粒先被真菌和细菌侵袭、消耗,从而削弱了塑料的强度,同时经过塑料与土壤中存在的某些盐类接触,自氧化作用而形成过氧化物,促使塑料中聚合物的分子链断裂,它们互相促进,相辅相成,细菌消耗淀粉,使塑料表面积增大而有利于自氧化降解。 Bubble film manufacturers said that the degradation mechanism of this type of plastic is that starch particles are first attacked and consumed by fungi and bacteria, which weakens the strength of the plastic. At the same time, after the plastic contacts certain salts present in the soil, the oxidation occurs to form peroxide Materials, and promote the breakage of polymer molecular chains in plastics. They promote each other and complement each other. Bacteria consume starch, which increases the surface area of plastics and facilitates auto-oxidative degradation. Repeatedly, the polymer chain gradually breaks, shortens, and reduces the strength of the plastic until the molecular weight of the polymer is reduced to a level that can be metabolized by microorganisms.

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