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How to maintain the production of bubble bag manufacturers in the off-season

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/111.html Published: 2020-01-07

In recent days, many business friends are talking about the offseason. Bubble bag manufacturers do not know if they know enough about the industry's dynamics. A business friend once said that even in all industries, even in the off-season, some people still feel that this is the peak season, because for him, business is good for customers. This is the peak season. Business is more gloomy. It is the off-season. Manufacturers believe that there is no absolute high season, the key is to see how it is now.


Also bubble bag manufacturers mainly talk about some feelings in this range. Product optimization and improvement is mainly based on Baidu's search rankings, view the active search list, ascending sequence list, and conversion rate list related to our products, and then be related to some of our word-related product names. Frequently verified and updated, optimization work is irregular for a long time. The customer's search habits change, the title cannot be changed, and the update is never changed. We must be able to keep pace with our customers when doing e-commerce.

Although the effect has not reached the expected effect, it has gradually improved a bit. Every day, each of our teams receives at least 5 new customers. Our team has 3 suppliers. On average, one or two customers request high-quality samples every day. Although there are no new formal orders, some are already in the pipeline. I believe that if we insist on this, we will not be afraid of any requirements. With so many queries and so many new customers accumulating, this is already a good luck.

The off-season of bubble bag manufacturers is only relative, but in the off-season, calmness is very important. It's like a crisis without chaos.

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