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What are the common classification and use characteristics of co-extruded film bubble bags?

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/14.html Release time: 2018-07-16
What are the common classification and use characteristics of co-extruded film bubble bags ?
What is a bubble bag ?
Bubble bag is also called air cushion film, air bead glue, bubble roll, etc. It is processed by using low density polyethylene. It is a kind of transparent flexible packaging material that is currently widely used.
What are the classifications of bubble bags?
Co-extruded film bubble bags can be divided into single-sided and double-sided. Single-sided bubble bags are suitable for maintenance of products with a light weight. Single and double-sided bubble bags are suitable for packaging of products in various industries such as bag making and slicing. Single and double-sided bubble bags can be set with anti-static bubble bags, as well as different colors and printing. It can also be combined with other materials to add maintainability and beauty.
Classified according to different bubble bags: Kraft paper bubble bags, pearl film bubble bags, aluminized platinum bubble bags, transparent bubble bags (two or three layers)
Classified according to different bubble bags: general bubble bags, anti-static bubble bags, static conductive bubble bags.

According to the structure of different bubble bags: bare bubble bags, kraft paper bubble bags, other raw material bubble bags.


What are the outstanding functions of the bubble bag?
1. The bubble bag passes through the film including air to form bubbles to avoid product collision, ensuring that the product has a maintenance effect when it is sensation, and also has the effect of heat insulation.
2. The manufacturing process of bubble bags has great assistance in our packaging. During the production process, the middle layer of bubbles on the outside of the bubble bags is filled with air, so it is light and flexible, and has the functions of sound insulation, shock resistance and wear resistance. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, pressure-resistant, and has great assistance in reducing oscillations.
3. During the production of co-extruded film bubble bags , we should also pay attention to the selection of materials, try to select some materials that can withstand high temperatures, and better ensure the safety of product packaging.
Fourth, the maintenance effect of bubble bags Today, people have high requirements for the packaging of products, especially the packaging of some glass products and the packaging of lamps and lanterns. We must ensure the safety during transportation. General foam packaging can be used for products. The maintenance effect, but the use of space is not very reasonable, the use of bubble bags can package the product, ensure reduction of cushioning and shock absorption, and promote the improvement of product quality.
Fifth, choose the bubble bag that is more suitable for your product

In addition, when choosing co-extruded film bubble bags , bubble bags are mainly divided into high and low pressure. Pure low pressure bags feel harder and rub with hands, and high pressure bags are soft, that is, low pressure. Is the opposite.

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