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Bubble film manufacturers share the unknown use of bubble film

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/18.html Release time: 2018-08-03

When it comes to the bubble film , many people may be confused, I do n’t know what it is, but if it is the kind of packaging bag we like to pinch when we were young, many people may suddenly realize it. Bubble film manufacturers will come today to share with you some other uses besides pinching and exploding.

Magic one

Preparation tools: pen, scissors, shoes

Take out the insole and place it on the bubble film.

Draw out according to the shape of the insole.

Then use scissors to cut the drawn line.

The insole is cut!

Placing the cut air bubble film under the insole can prevent the insole from running around, and make the sole soft and moisture-proof.

Magical use two

Placing a bubble film on a window keeps you warm and protects privacy.

Magical use three

When you pull the refrigerator, the fruits and vegetables in the box are rolling around, and there must be some abrasions. In this way, even in the refrigerator, it is very unhappy to eat scarred apples.

You only need to cut a bubble film the size of the refrigerator drawer, and the cushion is just fine, so that the fruit will never move again!

Magic four

Mop the floor with ease and never again. Wrap the bubble film on the mop in your hand, and then fix it with adhesive tape. From now on, the mop will never be tired. This is actually increasing the friction force, so the arm is more labor-saving.

Magical use five

Manufacture of simple insulation bags. Place the bubble film under the shopping bag, leaving some extra bubble film around, which is convenient for wrapping food; it is a simple insulation bag, and it is also insulated.

Magical Six

Your toilet is often leaking? That's because your pump has a small amount of water to condense or condense, and the bubble film can also handle this problem casually.

Just cut a circle of bubble film and place it on the edge of the suction box!

Magical use seven

A good helper for organizing the toolbox. Put a layer of bubble film on the bottom and handle it casually.

It ’s incredible that a small bubble film has so many uses. Do n’t throw away such good things in the future.


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