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Bubble film manufacturers tell you about the use and classification of bubble film?

Bubble film manufacturers tell you about the use and classification of bubble film ?
The middle layer of the bubble film is full of air, so it is light, transparent, and flexible. It has the properties of bubble film with sound insulation, shock resistance and wear resistance. Shock-resistant cushioning packaging for products, glass products and precision instruments. It can be made into bubble bags , bubble kraft envelope bags, car sun blockers, heat insulation cushions, heat insulation materials, etc. By adding different additives to the plastic raw materials, various special air cushion films such as anti-static can be manufactured. Anti-static air cushion film is used to pack electronic components and components, such as boards, cards, etc., which can prevent static electricity and play a role of buffering and anti-vibration. Category: Ordinary polyethylene air cushion film, antistatic air cushion film, flame retardant air cushion film, aluminized air cushion film, color printing air cushion film, three-layer air cushion film (single-layer foam), five-layer air cushion film (double-layer foam), polypropylene plus Thick air cushion film, composite pearl cotton air cushion film.

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