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Bubble Film Manufacturer: Bubble Film Packaging Method

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/25.html Release time: 2018-09-21

Speaking of bubble film , we see it more often when shopping online, especially when buying some fragile items, the merchant side will be wrapped with bubble film to prevent the product from cracking during transportation. Do you know how to use bubble film for packaging?

Bubble film is a buffer packaging material made of PE material. The air is sealed with a film to form air bubbles to absorb the impact force, prevent the product from being impacted, and ensure that the product plays a protective role when it is shaken.

Bubble film is widely used in product transportation protection packaging. Because the middle layer is filled with air, it is light in texture and does not increase the weight of the package; it is elastic and has the properties of shock and pressure resistance.

Packaging bubble film correct packaging method:

1. Spread bubble film around the inside of the box for buffer protection.

2. Use bubble film to fully wrap the product.

3. The gap in the box is filled with bubble film to prevent excessive shaking.

4. For products with sharp edges and corners, use cardboard, corner protectors and the like to separate the product from the bubble film to prevent scratching and loss of protective performance.

When using bubble film packaging, pay special attention to several corners, which are particularly prone to collision and wear during transportation. The bubble film is no longer protective.


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