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Difference between large and small bubbles in bubble film

Bubble film is a kind of protective packaging material commonly used in the packaging market today. There are single-sided, double-sided, large bubbles, and small bubbles. The styles and specifications are various, so the difference between large bubbles and small bubbles is what?

Bubble film Bubbles and bubbles are essentially made of PE material, but the size of the bubbles is different. It should be said that the difference between large bubbles and small bubbles in the bubble film should be a big difference in use. The small bubble film has been traditionally early and has a wide range of applications, but the traditional bubble film has a lower compression effect. The large bubble film is a packaging material that has only appeared in recent years. The large bubble film is favored by customers for its neat appearance and super strong protection and shock absorption performance.

The small bubble film has a wide range of applications. It can be used as small as bottles and cans to reach furniture and building materials. However, the small bubble has a poor pressure bearing capacity. Usually it needs to be wrapped in multiple layers for protection. This adds product packaging cost.

The appearance of large bubble film and its ability to bear pressure is strong, which is more suitable for small and medium products such as cosmetics, digital electronics, crafts, instruments and meters. The large bubble film is not suitable for some small product packaging because of its large volume. In addition, the large bubble film is basically 40-60cm wide, so it is not suitable for furniture, building materials and other product packaging.

Users can choose the type of packaging bubble film according to their own product specifications. For better protection and better customer experience, choose a large bubble film; for low-cost packaging, you can choose a traditional small bubble film.


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