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Bubble bag manufacturers introduce bubble bag is a new type of packaging material

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/32.html Release time: 2018-10-31

Bubble bag as a new type of packaging material, he has the characteristics of other packaging materials, so the bubble bag can gain a foothold in the packaging material industry. There are more and more bubble bag manufacturers , and the types of bubble bags are gradually increasing.

Bubble bags are also known as air cushion films, bubble gum, bubble rolls, etc., and they are widely used because of their low density. Anti-static bubble bag is made of polyethylene. It is a transparent flexible packaging material commonly used at present. It is widely used. The principle is that the film contains air to form air bubbles to prevent product collision. Protective effect, but also the role of heat insulation, bubble rolls are suitable for different product packaging or turnover in various industries. Because the middle layer of the bubble bag is full of air, it is light and flexible, with sound insulation, shock resistance and wear resistance Performance, it is waterproof, moisture-proof and pressure-resistant.

气泡袋又分单面和双面两种,单面汽泡袋适宜,保护自身重量较轻的产品,双面汽泡袋防震力强适合体积较大较重之物品包装,单、双面汽泡袋均适合各行业产品的包装如做袋、切片,单、双面汽泡袋可设防静电汽泡袋,以及不同颜色、印刷。 Bubble bag manufacturers say that bubble bags are divided into two types: single-sided and double-sided. Single-sided bubble bags are suitable to protect their own lightweight products. Double-sided bubble bags are strong in shock resistance and suitable for large and heavy items 2. Double-sided bubble bags are suitable for packaging of products in various industries such as bag making and slicing. Single and double-sided bubble bags can be equipped with anti-static bubble bags, as well as different colors and printing. It can also be compounded with other materials to increase protection and aesthetics. Classified according to different bubble bags: Kraft paper bubble bags, pearl film bubble bags, aluminized platinum bubble bags, transparent bubble bags (there are two and three layers). Classified according to different bubble bags: ordinary bubble bags, anti-static bubble bags, static conductive bubble bags.

At present, it is mainly used for postal packaging of products. The bubble bag is equipped with a double-sided bubble bag to reduce the shock bubble film. There are countless small bubbles in the bubble film, so it is light and flexible, and has the functions of sound insulation, shock resistance, and scratch resistance. It is used for shock-resistant cushioning and protection packaging for electronics, meters, ceramics, crafts, household appliances, auto dealers, kitchens, furniture, hardware tools, glass products and precision instruments, which can prevent the squeeze of items during the transfer process. , Vibration, friction, etc., have a certain protective effect on items that are afraid of being squeezed or pressed. In addition, by adding different additives to the raw materials, various special bubble bags such as antistatics and antistatic air cushion bags can be used to package electronic components. , Components, such as integrated circuit boards, cards, etc., can not only prevent static electricity but also play a role in buffering and shock.

In the express delivery industry, the most commonly used are various bubble bags produced by bubble bag manufacturers.


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