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Shenzhen bubble bag manufacturers summarize how to improve the anti-static function of bubble bags

As everyone knows, bubble bags from Shenzhen bubble bag manufacturers are used for packaging of lighter products and products with general requirements. As a mature packaging material, its bubble sheet can prevent products from collision, friction or static electricity during production and handling Damage caused; it will cause static electricity in the process of application, so how can we improve its anti-static effect?

First, the bubble bag needs to be grounded. In simple terms, it is actually connecting some anti-static products to a ground line. Secondly, you can use static eliminators and static eliminators to prevent static electricity. Next, you can also statically shield the anti-static air bubble bag . Then, use the method of controlling the environmental humidity to eliminate the anti-static air bubble bag. During transportation, The generated static electricity.

In short, the above several methods, which are summarized by Shenzhen bubble bag manufacturers through several years of experience, are very effective for the antistatic of bubble bags.


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