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Shenzhen bubble bag manufacturers: small details on the bubble bag

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/38.html Release time: 2018-11-28

When Shenzhen bubble bag manufacturer produced bubble bags , he felt that he was making an artwork, and after he finished the production, he was a very good artwork. But do you find the small details in the bubble bag?

There are many members in the bubble bag family. As far as ordinary bubble bags are concerned, they do not include composite bubble bags, and there are many different colors and styles. However, there are also most commonly used colors and styles.

We see more bubble bags, probably the white and red are used more, and then the blue. Generally red ones are anti-static bubble bags . Red will also be divided into many different degrees of red. Everything depends on customer needs.

Everyone knows that bubble bags are also divided into single and double layers, large bubbles and small bubbles. But in life, single layer and small bubbles are used more often.

Bubble bags can be processed into different shapes. Generally, they are processed into rectangles, and some are shaped into different shapes. There are also conjoined bubble bags. I see that there are some rows of bubble bags. .

In addition, you can print words or patterns on the bubble bag. The bubble bag can be sealed or not sealed, mainly depending on the customer's product packaging design.


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