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Bubble film manufacturers share that used bubble films can be reused

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/39.html Release time: 2018-12-05

When shopping, there are a lot of bubble films in the items sent by the merchants, and many people just throw them away. This is because they don't know that there are many other useful uses of bubble films. Bubble film manufacturers share bubble films and these wonderful uses

1, can make mopping the floor without a lot of effort

When mopping the floor, do you feel that your arms need a lot of strength? If you hold the bubble film on the mop stick, fix it with adhesive tape, and then use the mop.

2. Make simple insulation bags

Find a lunch box first, and then use glue around the lunch box to stick the bubble film firmly. Then you can use some nice cloth to decorate the bubble film.

3. Prevent rolling and scratching of melons and fruits

When you pull the refrigerator drawer, the fruits and vegetables will roll around, which may cause some abrasions and affect the appearance. If there is a requirement for the "face value" of fruits and vegetables, then take out the bubble film.

4, a good helper to organize the toolbox

You can pad a bubble film in the tool box, and then use a plate to separate a small grid or cut an opening in the bubble film, cut several in order. Then just place the tools inside.


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