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Bubble film manufacturers talk about how to avoid wrinkles in bubble film

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/40.html Release time: 2018-12-07

The bubble film has high tensile strength, tear resistance, and good self-adhesion, which can pack the product well during transportation and prevent damage to the product during transportation. If the bubble film is wrinkled, the bubble film will not work well. Bubble film manufacturers talk about how to avoid wrinkles in bubble film

Do not skew the position of the bubble film material. If the skewness accumulates to a certain degree, wrinkles are likely to occur. Another is to check whether the thickness of the bubble film material substrate is uniform, and the thickness difference is also likely to cause bubble film wrinkles.

Bubble film substrate is a thin film material that is easily affected by humidity. When moisture absorption occurs, the production process is prone to wrinkles.

Therefore, it is more adaptable, and lighter, heavier, and irregular goods are more suitable than applicable. Due to the low tension during packaging, this method has a pre-stretching ratio of up to 300%, which also saves material costs


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