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Bubble film manufacturers: what is a good bubble film

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/41.html Release time: 2018-12-12

When you buy anything, you want to buy something of good quality. When you buy a bubble film , it is no exception. You also want to buy a good quality bubble film. Then what bubble film manufacturers talk about is a good bubble film

1. Under the same unit, the heavier the product, the better the quality.

Because the same length, width, and weight are different, you should pay attention to the heavier bubble film of the product. The heavier the weight, the thicker the bubble film, and the better the shockproof effect.

2. The newer the material, the whiter and more transparent the color, the better the quality of the bubble film.

The raw materials used by the manufacturers are of good quality, so the bubble film produced is white, transparent and free of impurities. Recycled materials mixed with old materials and even waste materials are dull or even black, and are easy to hold off.

3, most of the bubbles on the bubble film are good

During storage, some bubbles will be more or less compressed and burst, but the raw materials used by the bubble film manufacturers are of good quality, and many bubbles will not be damaged during storage.


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