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Bubble bag manufacturers analyze the service life of bubble bags

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/42.html Release time: 2018-12-19

Many people do not know the life of the bubble bag when they buy it. When they use it for a while, they will find that there are some problems with the bubble bag that can not continue to be used. Bag life. This bubble bag is also praised by many customers, so what is its service life?

Bubble film manufacturers have also said that most of these are disposable products. Generally speaking, it is difficult to place them in the product, but some special product bubble bags may take a long time to use. Here is mainly to see the purpose of the purchaser. Because in the current overall situation, because the middle layer of the bubble bag is full of air, the air in the product is exhausted and can no longer be used. Therefore, there is no need to worry too much about life issues. In most cases, the place of use is The life is not too high. Basically, the bubble bag can be used for six months or longer. So don't worry too much about product life, because this product is a very durable product type!


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