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Bubble bag manufacturers analyze which fragile packaging is more suitable for packaging

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/43.html Release time: 2018-12-26

Common fragile product packaging in general includes Pauline (ie foam), pearl cotton and bubble bags , so which packaging to choose for packaging fragile products? Bubble bag manufacturers do a simple analysis to see which one is more suitable for fragile products.

I. Protective effect: Fragile polystyrene and pearl cotton will cause fragile product damage; and the bubble bag is composed of multiple independent bubbles, even if a single air column is destroyed, it will not affect the protection effect, and the protection performance is better!

2. Logistics transportation: The transportation cost of Polyron and pearl cotton is very high. Although the weight is small, it takes up a lot of space, and it will take a lot of trucks to load a little amount. Because the bubble bag only needs to be transported before use Small space saves a lot of transportation costs.

3. Material cost: Polyuron and pearl cotton need to open the mold according to the shape of the fragile product, and the subsequent batch cost is moderate; using the bubble bag does not need to open the mold, and the cost has advantages over the former two.

Fourth, environmental protection: Polyurethane and pearl cotton are "white pollution", difficult to degrade and difficult to handle after use, and produce toxic gases after combustion; bubble bags have passed non-toxic certification, meet green environmental protection requirements, and are non-toxic and pollution-free after high temperature , In line with the seventh category of environmental protection resource recycling.

V. Storage: Polyurethane and pearl cotton are molded packaging, formed by foaming according to the shape of fragile products, occupying a large area, and pressure on storage cost; when the air bag is not inflated, there are only a few A4 papers. Thickness, inflated during use, so it takes up very little storage space and extremely low storage costs.

By analyzing the above comparisons of bubble bag manufacturers, it can be seen that whether in terms of cost control and protection performance, the use of bubble bags is the future trend under the prerequisite of increasing global attention to environmental issues! It is better to use a bubble bag for fragile packaging.


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