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What are the requirements for PE plastic bags for inks?

At present, the color of PE plastic bags is very much, but if the ink is not used well, the quality of PE plastic bags will deteriorate. Therefore, PE plastic bags also have requirements for inks. There is also the development of modern printing equipment in the direction of a multi-color online printing. Therefore, the ink needs to be dried quickly, that is, the ink is fastened and dried quickly after it is transferred to the printing material to meet the equipment's requirements for continuous high-speed multi-color printing.

PE plastic bags require that the ink on the UV tube printer's ink fountain and rubber roller will not quickly dry and fix the skin, so as not to cause obstacles to normal printing, so as to better ensure the printing quality and work efficiency.

First, the ink can not chemically react with the printing plate, it cannot cause corrosion to the printing plate, and it does not reduce the printing resistance of the printing plate.

Second, the ink color remains the same, each batch of the same type of ink color is the same, the conjunctiva is firm, does not fade after printing, and can produce light after overprinting. Except for the transparent ink, each color of the ink should have a certain hiding power, and after overprinting, the overprinted ink should maintain the original basic color characteristics.

Third, PE plastic bags require that printing inks must be adapted to different types of paint spray gun printing methods and printing equipment. For example, offset printing inks must have water resistance and acid resistance, and gravure inks must be easily volatile.


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