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Co-extruded film bubble bag manufacturers: how to identify toxic plastic bags

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/46.html Published: 2019-01-09

Food plastic packaging bags are often used in people's lives, but you must be careful when using them. Some plastic packaging bags are toxic and cannot be used to directly hold food. The following co-extruded film bubble bag manufacturers will teach you several methods to identify it!

I. Observation with eyes: Non-toxic plastic bags are white, transparent or slightly transparent, with uniform texture; toxic plastic bags are colored or white, but have poor transparency and turbidity, uneven plastic surface stretch, and small particles .

Listen with your ears

When the ear listened to shake the plastic bag vigorously with his hand, it made a crisp sound indicating that it was a non-toxic plastic bag; while the sound was small and stuffy was a toxic plastic bag.

Third, touch

Touch the surface of the plastic packaging bag with your hand, it is smooth and non-toxic; sticky, astringent, waxy is poisonous.

Smell with your nose

Sniffing non-toxic plastic packaging bags is odorless; those with an irritating odor or abnormal taste are toxic.

V. Submerged water test method

The submerged water test puts the plastic bag in the water, and presses it to the bottom with your hands. After a while, the surfaced surface is the non-toxic plastic packaging bag, and the submerged surface is the toxic plastic packaging bag.

Six, burning method

The non-toxic plastic bag is flammable in the fire test. The flame tip is yellow and partially blue. It drips like candle tears during burning and has a paraffin smell. The toxic plastic bag is not easy to burn, it will be extinguished from the fire, and the flame tip will be yellow. Green, softening and drawing.

Now plastic is a common packaging bag, but remember the method shared by co-extrusion film bubble bag manufacturers, try not to choose toxic plastic bags, and do not use toxic plastic bags


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