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How to store the courier bag correctly in the warehouse?

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/48.html Published: 2019-01-23

Express bags are very important and important packaging. That logistics industry will use express bags as packaging. Because express bags are highly adaptable and easy to store, merchants can not notice that he has hurt the express bag inadvertently. , Causing the express bag to be damaged, but what they do n’t know is that the user did not store the express bag properly when it was stored, which caused the problem of the express bag.

First, the storage place is not cleaned, there are sharp hard objects that are most likely to damage the product, causing unnecessary waste

Second, the warehouse is humid and unventilated, so that the courier bag will absorb a lot of water and gas. This damage is very serious. It is often batched because of moisture, and all of them cannot be used. It becomes a waste product. Looking at a good courier bag because The reason for the storage and release is so distressing, so be sure to give the express bag a dry environment.

Third, because express bags are flammable products, and the environmental requirements for storage and release must be relatively dry, fires are easy to occur. Stored warehouses must pay attention to fire prevention, because the fire damage is not only the express bags, it is likely to be the source of ignition, which may cause For larger fires, plastic bag fire prevention is the top priority.


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