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Bubble bag manufacturers talk about how bubble bags are shockproof

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/49.html Release time: 2019-02-13

The product often encounters bumps, vibrations, collisions and other factors during transportation, which will cause the product to be damaged. Under these circumstances, if the product is not properly buffered and packed, it will undoubtedly bring significant economic losses to the company. What about solving this problem?

Bubble bags are packaging auxiliary materials used for buffer protection. Bubble bags can reduce product damage caused by vibration. Shock-resistant buffer packaging requires buffer packaging materials. Other common cushioning packaging materials include foam plastic, honeycomb paperboard, bubble pads, inflatable bags, air columns, foaming and other cushioning materials.

Bubble bags manufacturers of bubble bags as a new type of environmentally friendly cushioning packaging materials, with good cushioning properties and vibration absorption performance, light texture, good protection performance, wide range of use and other advantages, suitable for various types of product transportation protection packaging.

The bubble bag can absorb the energy of vibration or shock after wrapping the item, and use foam to fill the gap in the box to prevent the item from excessive shaking during transportation. The bubble bag can effectively absorb the impact when shockproof, and effectively protect the packaging product.


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