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Co-extruded film bubble bags are important for transporting goods

The use of co-extruded film bubble bags for transportation of goods is very important to us, especially today when online shopping is very prosperous, it is very important to protect the goods well, because when shopping online, the goods need to be transported through long distances. It can reach the consignee's hands. Like some more fragile products, if it is not protected, it will easily break during transportation. Therefore, measures must be taken to solve the problem. Co-extruded film bubble bags are such products. Good packaging items, it can pack the goods well, and play a very good role in shock absorption, so that the goods can be safely reached in the hands of people during transportation, so the role of foam packaging on the packaging of items is very important.

There are good and bad quality of co-extruded film bubble bags. However, what are the factors that determine the quality of co-extruded film bubble bags, and whether they can be controlled, then today we will take a look at co-extruded film bubble bags. Bad effect.

The ideal pore size distribution of the pores of the co-extruded film bubble bag is as narrow as possible, that is, the pore sizes of the pores are required to be as consistent as possible, and the difference should not be too large. The corresponding requirement is that the foam should be uniform and not different in size. Milky foam is unusable.

The appearance of the technically required co-extruded film bubble bag should be bubble-like fine small bubbles, piled up like white clouds, like bouncing cotton, and will not flow randomly. The bubbles are small. But it should be basically similar, the bubble diameter range should be as small as possible, and the difference between the large bubble diameter and the small bubble diameter should not be too large.

As mentioned earlier, it is required that the pores formed by the co-extruded film bubble bag are uniform, which can avoid the concentration of compressive stress in the large cells and reduce the compressive strength. If the bubble size is not uniform, the stress is concentrated in the large bubble, it is very easy to cause it to become a weak link, and it will crack first under pressure. The pores have the same requirements for the pore size, as well as the requirements for the bubble diameter.


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