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Bubble bag manufacturers: how to deal with useless bubble bags

Today I saw someone asking whether the express bubble bag is environmentally friendly? How to deal with the useless bubble bag? Mainly because he often buys online, and he has a lot of bubble bags at home. I do n’t know how to deal with it? Bubble bag manufacturers first talk to everyone

First of all, whether the bubble bag is environmentally friendly, this is not necessarily, there are some degradable bubble bags, but it seems that there are fewer, and the cost should be relatively high. At present, most of the bubble bags produced by bubble bag manufacturers are non-degradable.

So how to deal with these non-degradable bubble bags? The better way is to recycle it and make it into a recycled material in a bubble bag manufacturer, and then make it into a bubble bag to sell to others as packaging materials. However, after recycling, the appearance and quality have also been affected, which is suitable for packaging those less demanding products. Like those valuable digital products, valuable gifts, etc., still need new material bubble bags.

Suggest that this friend can give it to the elderly who pick up the waste, or sell it to the waste recycling station.


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