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Express bags have a lot to do with packaging

With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, the production technology of various industries is becoming more and more mature. Take express bags , for example, there are more and more types, machine, hand, plastic steel, new materials. Material, transparent, colored, etc. meet different packaging needs.

The color of the whole roll of the express delivery bag without impurities is not much different from the color after opening, because good color packaging has strong shielding properties, and there is no color overlay. The doped color packaging belt must be painted On the film, only the gluing method is used, so there will often be cases where jamming occurs because the large magazine particles on the tape are not completely dissolved.

The quality of the express bag not only affects the quality of the product's outer packaging, but also concerns whether the packaging can be carried out smoothly. What should be paid attention to when selecting packing belts? As the packaging consumables used with packing machines, with the continuous improvement of the performance of packing machines and a wide range of market applications, their use has also increased significantly.

1. Cost factors, reducing the use cost is the user's most concern. It is not that the purchase price is cheap and the use cost is low. The low-priced packing belt in the market contains a large amount of recycled materials. Packing belts made from pure materials differ by 3-6 times, not only with a small number of meters, but also with unstable quality.

2. Select the packing belt according to the packing machine. The semi-automatic packing machine has a low degree of automation, and the quality of the packing belt is not very strict. The unmanned operation of the automatic packing machine has higher requirements on the quality of the express bag. Irregular bag specifications can easily cause the strapping machine to fail to feed the belt smoothly and affect the smooth packing.

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