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Bubble bag manufacturer's requirements for production process

As a packaging product, the bubble bag has higher and higher requirements for its living technology. If the bubble bag manufacturer 's production technology is very good, it can reduce the production burden, avoid losses, ensure product quality, and win the trust of customers.

For bubble bag manufacturers, the double-layer film is generally used for compression. While compressing, the space is injected into the middle. Although this process is very simple, if the bubble bag manufacturer does not have If the above requirements are met, it will often cause a lot of trouble. Because its temperature is too high, the flexibility of the bubble will have a certain effect, or because it will not have a good combination in the middle when the temperature is too low, causing air leakage in the middle, so It will also affect its later use, because it is a material to protect the product, so its production requirements are relatively high.

Bubble bag manufacturers of bubble bags are divided into single-sided and double-sided bubble bags, double-sided bubble bags are more shock-resistant, suitable for protecting larger items, single-layer bubble bags are suitable for lightweight packaging. In addition, when buying bubble bags, bubble bags are mainly divided into high and low pressure. Pure low pressure bags feel hard and rub with hands, and high pressure bags are soft, which is the opposite of low pressure. .


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