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Analysis of the practicality of bubble bag manufacturers

Bubble bag is a commonly used packaging bag, which has the advantages of shock resistance, anti-fall, anti-collision, etc. The bubble film is composed of small air bubbles filled with air. Many people like to pinch small bubbles with their hands. Therefore, the bubble bag can not only be used to pack goods, but also used to play after you run out, squeeze the bubbles to ease the mood, the bubble bag manufacturers will take you to understand this magical bag:

There are several kinds of aluminized film bubble bags, kraft paper bubble bags, PE co-extruded film bubble bags, etc., which are suitable for electronic digital, corporate documents, jewelry, books and other transportation packaging. The inner bubble film is mostly white Of course, there are other colors such as red and blue. The thickness of the bubble film is generally expressed by "silk" or "C". If your product is heavier and more fragile, it should be double-sided. If your product is light, only If you need anti-scratch and anti-shock, you can choose one side.

Bubble bag manufacturers have found that many people use bubble bags and pearl cotton bags. Corrosion resistance and other advantages, pearl cotton can be used more widely.

Pearl cotton is made up of countless independent bubbles produced by low-density polyethylene grease through physical foaming. Compared with bubble film, pearl cotton can only be used as a sheet to wrap products, and it has a simple and popular packaging. Pearl pearl, The pearl cotton sheet not only has the function of wrapping products with bubble film, but also has excellent processability. Lined packaging of various shapes and specifications.


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