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How to use co-extruded film bubble bags to prevent product damage?

I believe that the term online shopping is not unfamiliar to everyone. Then, when the store delivers to you after the online shopping, how to prevent the goods from being damaged during the shipping process? This is due to the credit of the co-extruded film bubble bag , because of its unique advantages, it allows the goods to be well protected during transportation.

First, multiple protection of multi-layer packaging:

For most goods, one layer of packaging is not enough. Generally, if the product itself is not packaged, then a plastic bag or a co-extruded film bubble bag should be used as the packaging material in direct contact with the product, and it should be wrapped in ??sag沙龙国际??paper, cloth or kraft paper before being packaged. If the product itself is packed in plastic bags or cartons, it must be repacked. In this way, the goods received by the customer are still complete after unpacking.

Second, leave less space in the box:

For products using cartons as outer packaging, you need to pay attention to the filling with the product itself. Because during the shipping process, if the product hits back and forth in the carton, it is also likely to be damaged. Large gaps can be filled with ??sag沙龙国际??paper balls, while small ones can be filled with paper rolls or sponges. During the shipping process, even if the outer packaging is damaged, as long as there is a co-extruded film bubble bag to fix it, the product itself will not be damaged due to the impact of broken hard objects.


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