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What is the market prospect of co-extruded film bubble bags?

Co-extruded film bubble bags have emerged in recent years. Naturally, some companies dare to take the lead. But what is the prospect of the co-extrusion film bubble bag processing industry? I believe that every entrepreneur in this industry will often think about this problem. With the development of e-commerce, more and more sellers have begun to switch from offline to online. Natural express transportation has become a product of rising prices, especially double ten In the atmosphere of Double Twelve and Holidays, the number of e-commerce express delivery is even more amazing. According to incomplete statistics, the number of domestic express parcels every day is in the hundreds of millions. This data is still constantly being refreshed. The most urgent development strategy for enterprises.
It can be predicted that in the next few years, the government's requirements for express packaging will become more stringent. By then, environmental protection, green, and renewable use will be on the line, and traditional packaging will leave the market. In this case, the express packaging market will There are several factors that determine the magnification:
Co-extruded film packaging is more material-saving than traditional packaging. Traditional packaging uses plastic bags, cartons, foam cotton and other filling packages to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation. The new packaging bag uses a double-layer structure The outer layer is PE and the inner and inner are bubbles, which has a very good protection effect on the product.
Co-extruded film bubble bag is more environmentally friendly and lower cost;

The packaging efficiency is higher. Compared with the traditional packaging, which is also a packaging bag and a carton, the co-extruded film bubble bag can be completed only once.


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