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Bubble bag packaging growth will be stronger in the future

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/63.html Release time: 2019-04-22

At present, plastic has occupied an important position in the packaging field, and the bubble bag packaging market has matured in developed countries. How to apply bubble bags to more fields is worth further research by bubble bag manufacturers.

Resolving the source of excess capacity is the key, stock is the focus, and the fundamental way is innovation. At present, it is important to vigorously implement the strategy of differentiated development and high-end development, optimize structural adjustment, accelerate new product development, and cultivate new growth points. In qualified enterprises, it is necessary to concentrate innovation resources and accelerate the development and industrialization of functional films.

Strengthen industry chain cooperation, through the fine preparation of raw materials, and through the support of equipment technology, the Casting Film Special Committee fully exerts the role of experts and scientific and technological workers, and the role of entrepreneurs, and takes enterprises as the main body to research and formulate new products. Development plan, overall coordination, new breakthroughs in "functionalization", and a new leap forward.

The bubble bag industry is an important part of packaging and new materials. While achieving brilliant results, we should clearly see the problems in the industry, such as excessive production capacity, serious product homogeneity, low degree of differentiation, and innovative research and development capabilities. Weak, medium-to-high-end, low proportion of functional products, etc., and enable these problems to be solved.

With the advancement of technology, the bubble bag industry has gradually infiltrated. Grasp the industry's development opportunities, adhere to technological progress and technological innovation, accelerate the accumulation of innovative resources, focus on accelerating the development of functional films, and achieve new breakthroughs. Usher in good development prospects.


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