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Advantages of co-extruded film bubble bags on packaging

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/72.html Release time: 2019-06-15

You should know that there are many types of bubble film bubble bags used for packaging. Generally, according to the needs of businesses, you can choose bubble film bags of different raw materials, such as kraft paper, pearl film, and general types. Generally, It is enough to choose a normal thickness. The co-extruded film bubble bag is a double-layer structure, and the method of sticking it can be double-sided adhesive and damage the type of glue. In the process of packaging products, the structure of the co-extruded film bubble bag plays a huge role together. So what do you know about the advantages of co-extruded film bubble bags in packaging ? Then I will explain it to you in detail.

A co-extruded film bubble bag composed of a variety of plastic materials is used for co-extrusion. The outer layer is a co-extruded film and is lined with air bubbles. Lightweight, environmentally friendly, shockproof and moisture-proof, the bag is beautiful and elegant, the outer surface is easy to write, and the common resistance of the wrapping film can prevent the bag from breaking; the transparent air bubble on the inner layer has a good buffer effect to prevent the contents from being pressed, bumped, and dropped And damaged. It belongs to the category of bubble bags. In terms of packaging materials, it is also used more. Especially in the logistics profession, some packaging that is fragile and fragile can be placed. So, what other advantages does it have?

Co-extruded film bubble bag is co-extruded with a variety of plastic materials, and no adhesive is used between the layers of materials. Generally, it is suitable for packaging of confidential documents or items, bank cash, clothing, express delivery, etc .; The planning of the sealing self-adhesive and damaged adhesive strips ensures that the bag can be simply and quickly sealed and prevents others from tampering with the contents; the outer layer is clean and clean milky white, 99% safe, environmentally friendly, and recyclable; Guarantee the confidentiality of the contents.


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