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Bubble bag manufacturers analyze what problems are likely to occur in bubble bags

The bubble bag has a certain mechanical strength, it has barrier properties, tolerance to the contents, hygiene, and handling resistance. The food industry has high technical requirements for food packaging machines and is multifunctional. But during the transportation process, the bubble bag manufacturer reminds you to be careful, bubble bags are prone to problems. Bubble bag manufacturers talk about what are the problems with bubble bags

1. The impact resistance of the bag is poor, in actual production. During transportation, loading and unloading, and shelf placement, it is easy to be damaged by external forces, and it is easy to break or open bags.

2. The smoothness of the bubble bag itself is not good, and the opening performance is poor in the production process, and the production efficiency is low. At the same time, the utilization rate of the bubble bag is reduced, which results in waste of costs.

3. Insufficient heat-sealing strength of the packaging bag and excessive heat-sealing temperature cause damage to the heat-sealing layer, which reduces the protective performance of the packaging bag and causes the contents to reach the corresponding shelf life.

4. Bubble bag manufacturers do not meet the cold resistance requirements of the bubble bag. At low temperatures, the original properties of the material cannot be maintained. The packaging material is brittle, which reduces the mechanical strength of the packaging material, causing the bag to rupture and crack. What's more, the protective effect on the contents cannot be satisfied.

5. The peel strength between the layers is small, the breaking force is not enough, and the mechanical properties of the packaging bag are poor.

Bubble bag manufacturers find that bubble bags are generally prone to these problems. We need to solve the problems in a timely manner, which is what we all need to do.


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