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Kraft bubble bag turned out to be so big

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/74.html Release time: 2019-06-21

Kraft paper bubble bags are actually one of the many types of bubble bags . Different products also need a special protection during logistics or express delivery to ensure that the products can be safely and smoothly delivered to consumers. More in line with the e-commerce industry and the express delivery industry can develop more rapidly and healthily.

The following editors will briefly talk about the advantages and characteristics of kraft paper bubble bags. I hope everyone can use the bubble bag correctly so that it can make a greater contribution to our lives and work.

1. The outer layer is made of brand new kraft paper, lined with bubble film , which has the functions of softness, moisture resistance, shock resistance, and fall damage prevention.

2. The self-adhesive seal adopts high temperature hot melt adhesive, which has strong viscosity and is easy to use and save time. The special design of easy-to-tear strip is convenient for opening and pasting.

3. The smooth inner layer of the bubble film protects the inner layer, which is easy to put in the item, the protection is safer, environmental protection, recyclable and reusable.

4. The color of the outer kraft paper is mainly yellow, white, and natural colors, which are beautiful and generous. The outer layer is easy to write and can be labeled.

5. Compared with traditional packaging (packing boxes, small cartons, etc.), this product is lightweight and can generally save 40% of the packaging and mailing costs.

6. You can also print your own LOGO or brand-identifiable text on the kraft paper bubble bag, so as to improve the product or brand awareness and so on.

It not only protects the normal transportation of the product, but also saves a large part of the cost of advertising and promotion. Why not?


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