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How does the bubble film manufacturer's workshop cool down?

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In the hot summer, how can bubble film manufacturers cool down?

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In the hot summer, the cooling of bubble film manufacturers' workshops has become a major problem. Some manufacturers use fans, ice cubes, air conditioners and atomizing cooling methods. These cooling methods have certain effects, but they also have certain shortcomings.

Fan cooling has a certain effect, but the temperature of the bubble film manufacturer's workshop is too high, and it can not cool down well. The cooling of the wind speed is based on the principle of increasing the evaporation of moisture from the human epidermis.

And because the workshop temperature in summer is too high, the wind blown by the fans is hot air, and the temperature blown to the human body is higher than the temperature of the human body. Even if the sweat can be volatile, the temperature can be lowered, but because the temperature of the bubble film manufacturer is too high As a result, the human body cannot completely cool down, so the condition for the fan to cool down is that the air temperature is lower than the human body temperature, so that people can feel cool.

The cooling of ice cubes is based on the principle of heat absorption by liquefaction of ice cubes. The liquefaction of ice cubes needs to absorb the heat in the air. The temperature of the air drops. However, because of the poor thermal conductivity of the air, the cooling range of ice cubes is relatively small. Large area use, high cost is also a problem.

Cooling of air conditioners is indeed a kind of obvious effect. It is suitable for cooling airtight environments such as air bubble film manufacturers' workshops. However, because of the high installation and use costs, only high-value-added workshops can be used.

Atomization cooling is also an effective cooling method, but because the humidity is too large, it has a certain impact on machinery production and human body, so it is not suitable for workshop production. Belongs to the neutral cooling method.

The method of using the fan wet curtain ventilation cooling system to exhaust heat and cool down can well adapt to the environment where the workshop itself generates relatively large heat, and the air humidity is also very good.


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