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Why are coextrusion film bubble bags widely used?

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/79.html Release time: 2019-07-13

Nowadays, online shopping is so developed that when sending products, merchants will use one product, something called a co-extruded film bubble bag . There are countless small bubbles in the plastic film on the surface, and the weight is relatively small. Under normal circumstances, we will choose to throw it into the trash can, but we can see it in the process except for express delivery.

Co-extruded film bubble bag has become a commonly used flexible packaging material. The principle is that the film contains air and can form air bubbles. These bubbles ensure the safety of the product when the product is hit. Therefore, it will be widely used in the transportation of some electronic products, fragile crafts, glass products and precision instruments. During the transfer process, items will inevitably encounter accidents such as crushing, vibration and friction. Co-extruded film bubble bags have good shock resistance, can play a buffering role, and effectively protect the integrity and safety of items. Some products that are sensitive to external temperature can also play a good role in heat insulation.

So what are the co-extruded film bubble bags in logistics transportation? Bubble bags are mainly divided into two types: single-sided and double-sided. The difference between these two types of co-extruded film bubble bags is the weight of the items suitable for protection. For products that are lighter in weight, a single-sided bubble bag may be more suitable for protection. Because the double-sided bubble bag has stronger shock resistance, it is suitable for packaging larger and heavier items.

During the manufacturing process of the packaging bag, different colors can be set for printing, and other materials can be compounded to increase its toughness and aesthetics. Therefore, the co-extruded film bubble bag is widely used because it has the characteristics of good shock absorption, light weight, wear resistance and impact resistance.

The above is a summary of the reasons for the wide use of co-extruded film bubble bags. I hope that it will help everyone. I believe everyone has learned something. Everyone wants to learn more, so stay tuned.


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