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Bubble film manufacturers market is becoming more and more open

The packaging industry has developed rapidly in recent years. According to surveys by relevant parties, the average annual growth of bubble film manufacturers is 5% to 7%. Therefore, we can estimate that the output of bubble film manufacturers in the global label market is now more than 33 billion square meters. The label output has exceeded 10 billion square meters, and the per capita consumption has exceeded 15 square meters.


Bubble film is processed by the bubble film manufacturer using high-quality polyethylene resin, and it is also a kind of packaging material currently used widely. Because the middle layer of the bubble film is filled with air, it is light and flexible, and has the properties of sound insulation, shock resistance and abrasion resistance. This product can replace protective products such as foamed plastic particles, and is a protective packaging choice for sellers of electronic products, cosmetics, audiovisual D and other products.

Bubble film is used for waterproof, moisture-proof and pressure-resistant. It is a choice for mailing valuables, cosmetics, small appliances, and fragile items. The bubble film has the effects of anti-shock, anti-damage, buffer, and moisture-proof. Widely used in packaging of precision electronic instruments, crafts, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle accessories, ceramic glass products, fire extinguishing equipment and furniture.

Bubble film manufacturers bubble film is a packaging method widely used in product packaging, can be used to package various types of products, because the material has the characteristics of transparent container, sealed, moisture-proof, etc., its process and equipment are simple, packaging costs Low, various packaging methods, can be used to package various types of products, much loved by businesses and customers.

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