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What is the market demand for bubble bag manufacturers?

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The production process of bubble bag manufacturers is the same as that of other manufacturers. The products are similar, but they are different in antistatic bubble bags . Raw materials are added with antistatic agents or using antistatic materials. Conventional antistatic bags are mostly red. Of course, it is not that the color of anti-static is red, but red is used to distinguish between static electricity. Bubble bags are used to pack electronic components and components, such as integrated circuit boards, cards, etc., which can prevent static electricity and can also cushion and shock.


The principle of the bubble bag manufacturer is to make the film contain air to form a bubble to prevent the product from impacting, to ensure that the product plays a protective role when it is shaken, and also has the function of heat insulation, which is suitable for different product packaging or turnover in various industries. use. Because the middle layer of the bubble bag is full of air, it is light and flexible, with sound insulation, shock resistance and anti-wear properties. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, and pressure-resistant, and because the material is light and soft, it will not scratch the product, which is extremely ideal. Shock-resistant cushioning material.

Anti-static bubble bags are used for packaging of lighter products and generally required products. Its characteristic is that it is a mature packaging material to achieve shock absorption and cushioning effect through this sealed airbag.

The products of bubble bag manufacturers are currently mainly used for postal packaging of products. There are countless small air bubbles in the anti-static bubble bag , so it is light and flexible, with sound insulation, shockproof, anti-scratch functions. It can prevent the items from being squeezed, shaken and rubbed during the transfer process. Pressed articles have a certain protective effect. Dongguan conveyor

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