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What is the environmental protection direction of bubble bag manufacturers?

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/83.html Published: 2019-08-06

With the development of new technology, bubble bag manufacturers are now booming, and our packaging field has also made further breakthroughs, and is gradually moving towards the green road. Bubble bag manufacturers use anti-static bubble bags made of reusable and recycled packaging materials. Reusable packaging. Large bubble bags such as beer, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar and other packaging use glass bottles for repeated use.

Recycling packaging, such as polyester bottles, can be recycled in two ways after being recovered. The physical method refers to direct complete purification and damage without any residue of pollutants. The treated plastic is directly used to regenerate packaging containers. The chemical method means that after the recovered PET is damaged and washed, using a depolymerizing agent such as methanol water, ethylene glycol or diethylene glycol under the action of an alkaline catalyst, the PET is fully depolymerized into monomers or partially depolymerized into oligomers, and then purified. Reconstitute monomer or oligomer to form recycled PET resin packaging materials.

The repeated use and regeneration of the products of bubble bag manufacturers only prolong the service life of high-molecular materials such as plastics as packaging materials. When the service life is reached, they still have to deal with waste disposal and environmental pollution. Participating in a small number of photosensitizers in the plastic processing process can turn general plastics into photodegradable plastics. Because the photosensitizer is used for photoinitiating and photochemical reaction to generate free radical initiation source, the photodegradation process of the polymer can be accelerated. Both polymers and natural polymers containing genes that are prone to hydrolysis have high biodegradability.

The degradation mechanism of this type of plastic is that starch granules are first attacked and consumed by fungi and bacteria, and then the strength of the plastic is weakened. Together with the plastic and some salts in the soil, the peroxide oxidizes to form a peroxide, which promotes the plastic. Guess the polymer's molecular chain is cracking.

They promote each other and move forward in complementary forms. In addition, the bacteria that survive here consume starch, which increases the plastic surface area and is conducive to auto-oxidative degradation. Repeatedly, the polymer chain gradually cracks, shortens, and decreases the strength of the plastic until the molecular weight of the polymer decreases to a level that can be metabolized by microorganisms.


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