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Why black spots appear on bubble film from bubble film manufacturers

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Bubble film manufacturers full of steam bubbles can withstand a strong impact from all directions, to a large extent to resist external damage such as vibration damage to the product, bubble film manufacturers let your products receive thoughtful and meticulous care.

In bubble film, bubble film manufacturers will encounter many difficult problems, so today we will give an example. There is a bubble film, which is difficult to recognize with the naked eye. This film has good transparency and smoothness, but when it is loaded onto the extruder, a small amount of black spots will appear in the delivery. In this process, the temperature control is also appropriate and there is no Other impurities are mixed in, so why do such black spots appear?


The reason is that this film was coated with an anti-ultraviolet coating during production due to packaging needs. The temperature of this coating will decompose at about 120 degrees. After the film is plasticized, the coating will scorch and become gray. It is the black dot that appeared above. This leads to a reduction in the price of this bubble film, which brings losses to production. Therefore, some bubble film manufacturers must pay attention to this bubble film when purchasing, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

The bubble bag can well eliminate the static electricity generated by the product due to vibration and friction, avoid the damage caused by static electricity during transportation, and give the product better and thorough protection. Ensure that each air bead is full and aerated, and ensure the independence between the air beads and the composite effect between the air beads and the diaphragm.

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