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In which industries are co-extruded film bubble bags popular?

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Co-extrusion film bubble bags are often used in express delivery professions, so what are the uses of co-extrusion film bubble bags ? Let us briefly understand the scale of use of co-extruded film bubble bags .


Co-extruded film bubble bags are mainly used for postal packaging of products. Co-extruded film bubble bag with shock absorption bubble film, there are many small bubbles in the bubble film, so the body is light and flexible, with sound insulation, shockproof, anti-scratch functions, can prevent the kneading of the article during the transfer , Vibration and friction, etc., have a certain maintenance effect on items that are afraid of being squeezed or pressed. In addition, by adding different additives to the raw materials, various special bubble bags such as anti-static can be manufactured.

Co-extruded film bubble bags are used to package electronic components and components, such as integrated circuit boards, cards, etc., which can prevent static electricity and can also cushion and shock. The above introduction shows that co-extruded film bubble bags are very popular in the express delivery profession.
At the same time, co-extruded film bubble bags can be recycled to make recycled materials, and recycled bags can be used to produce bubble bags again, but the quality and appearance of co-extruded film bubble bags made at this time are not as good as new materials.

In fact, the current co-extruded film bubble bag can't get around the environmental protection anyway. At present, the environmental protection requirements of packaging materials are becoming more and more significant. This is a trend, because we need to maintain the environment together. I believe there will be environmentally friendly co-extruded film bubble bags in the future to replace the current bubble bags.

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