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What does the anti-static bubble bag feel like?

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Bubble bags can be made into various types of bubble bags according to the different materials added during production, for example: anti-static bubble bags . This kind of anti-static bubble bags are mainly used for packaging integrated circuit boards, cards, etc. At the same time, it can also play a protective role in buffering and shockproofing. Although some antistatic bubble bags will be placed inside when receiving the courier, many people will just throw them away, so what exactly does the antistatic bubble bag feel like?


1. When purchasing anti-static bubble bags, bubble bags are mainly divided into high and low pressure. Pure low pressure bags feel harder and rub with hands, while high pressure bags are softer. The opposite of.

2. Pay attention to whether the anti-static bubble bag is made of harmful materials in the process of use. Usually it is of good quality and smooth to the touch, it will float on the water surface, easy to burn and show a blue flame. Poor quality feels rough and easy to use. Sinks in water and does not burn easily.

3. People have high requirements for product packaging, especially the packaging of some glass products and the packaging of lamps and lanterns. We must ensure the safety during transportation. General foam packaging can protect the product, but for space Utilization is not very reasonable, the use of anti-static bubble bags can package the product, guarantee to reduce buffering and shock absorption, and promote the improvement of product quality.

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