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Is the buffer effect of co-extruded film bubble bags good in e-commerce logistics?

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/89.html Release time: 2019-09-05

As the rise of Taobao online shopping, more and more people like to shop on the Internet. Different customers have different requirements for goods. If they leave a good impression on customers and retain them, it is also a problem for the majority of e-commerce companies. . The customer's impression of the merchant depends on many places, such as the quality of the product, whether the product can be intact during long-distance transportation, whether the packaging and filling materials used by the merchant are regular, etc., if the packaging of the product is random, dirty, and tattered Filling materials will damage the overall image of the merchant and make customers lose confidence in the safety of the company's products during transportation. Even if the product is intact, how much confidence can the customer still have in the merchant? Can customers be retained again?

Due to the wide variety of packaging materials, many e-commerce companies use different packaging and filling materials. According to the market survey made by the company, among many packaging filling materials, many customers are very disgusted with the packaging method of the wrapping film. However, compared with the traditional wrapping film, the new type of co-extruded film bubble bag has been well received by customers.


Co-extruded film bubble bag is a kind of bubble bag , and it can be welcomed by customers for many reasons:

1. Good cushioning and anti-shock performance. Co-extruded film bubble bag is used as packing filling material. You can set the inflation volume and the size of the inflatable column according to the size of the product. The tailor-made co-extrusion film bubble bag can Full protection.

2. Environmental protection and recyclability. Compared with the traditional PE film, co-extruded film bubble bags are more environmentally friendly and recyclable. The use of co-extruded film bubble bags as packaging filling materials has greatly improved the impact of the company.

3. The production is convenient and fast. It only needs an AC-01 bubble machine to inflate to complete the production. The requirements on the site are not high. It can be produced anytime and anywhere, and it is truly on-demand.

4. Save manpower and cost, co-extruded film bubble bag is only the size of a plastic bag when not in use, and it requires less storage space than a stretch film. The co-extruded film bubble bag also does not require a lot of manpower. It is not only convenient to transport, but also only one person can complete it during packaging.

5. Compared with the wrapping film, there is less waste in packaging materials. The same volume of co-extruded film bubble bag not only has more protective performance, but also because of its inflatable properties, it produces less waste and less trouble for customers.

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