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Bubble film manufacturers analyze why the bubble film generates static electricity?

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/92.html Release time: 2019-09-16

When bubble film manufacturers use packaging film printing products for packaging printing, they must take into account the static electricity of the material to operate. So why does the bubble film generate static electricity? Bubble film manufacturers will briefly explain the reasons from the following two aspects:


1. Microscopic reasons: According to the theory of atomic physics, matter is in the state of electrical equilibrium when it is electrically neutral. Due to the contact between different materials, the gain and loss of electrons cause the material to lose electrical balance and generate static electricity.

2. Macro reasons: friction between objects generates heat, which stimulates electron transfer; contact and separation between objects generate electron transfer; electromagnetic induction causes an unbalanced distribution of surface charges on objects; the combined effect of friction and electromagnetic induction.

The materials used by bubble film manufacturers are polymer materials, and the surface resistance and volume resistance are all greater than 10 to 12 or more. Therefore, a good insulating property is imparted to the material. Because of this reason, it is very easy to generate static electricity, because the bubble film is extremely possible in the production and handling, contact, separation, friction and collision, and intervention of electromagnetic induction. It is even impossible to avoid these occasions. That brings about the cause of static electricity.

We must consider the potential hazards of static electricity so that we can better grasp the production process. With better packaging printing technology, our process is recognized by more and more people.

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