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Bubble film manufacturers should also pay attention to the hot and cold aspects when producing bubble films

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/96.html Release time: 2019-10-16

When producing bubble film , the bubble film manufacturer should not only pay attention to its mastery of hot and cold, but also pay attention to its mastery of thin and thick procedures. Why do bubble film manufacturers say so? It is precisely because when it is produced, if it cannot be achieved in this respect, it will not be able to better protect the internal goods.


The first is that if it is too thin, its bubbles will be reduced in terms of flexibility. The bubble film manufacturers said that all flexibility is also achieved under a certain thickness. This kind of bubble film is even more so, And if it is said to be too thin in this respect, the bubbles are prone to burst.

However, if the air bubbles are too thick, it will not work, because it is often used on the product packaging, so if it is too thick, it will cause certain damage to the product because the hardness of the entire product is increased, so It cannot be made too thick, so when it is produced, it still has great difficulty, and this difficulty is also on the thickness control.

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