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Manufacturers introduce three common bubble bags

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/97.html Release time: 2019-10-18

In recent years, due to the crazy development of the e-commerce industry, a series of industries have also been driven by the crazy development. Friends who like online shopping usually believe that the moment of enjoyment is the moment of unpacking. If there is a bubble bag in the courier package, isn't it like crushing like Xiaobian?

Some of the products we usually buy online, bubble bags can be said to be a good way to pack. For example, we usually use digital bags, clothing, porcelain, and products with bottles, jars, and cans to be packed in bubble bags. However, as the bubble bag packaging industry continues to mature, bubble bags Divided into many segments. Next I will introduce three common bubble bags.


Ordinary bubble bag

Ordinary transparent bubble bag is a kind of bubble bag that we commonly use widely. When this bubble bag is a bubble film , you can directly use transparent bubble film with a width of 1 meter, 1.2 meters, 1.4 meters and more. It's time to pack things, it's simple, convenient and fast. And many small things can be produced with this bubble film into simple flat pockets for various types of products suitable for transparent bubble bags.

The characteristics of ordinary bubble bags have good shock absorption, light weight, good transparency, elasticity, sound insulation, shock resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant.

Co-extruded film bubble bag

Co-extruded film bubble bag, one of the more used in the express delivery industry. Co-extruded film bubble bag, can be said to be born specifically for the courier industry. Bag samples can be divided into flat bags, envelope bags, etc .; the color is mainly divided into natural colors, yellow (Taurus) color, white; the surface can be printed in a variety of colors; mainly play a role in shock, waterproof, pressure and so on. All of these characteristics are designed from the point of view of the express delivery industry.

Pearl film bubble bag

The pearl film bubble bag is actually similar to the arched film bubble bag, and these two bags are different from each other in production materials, and their functions are basically the same. A big difference is that in the eyes of the editors, one is more high-end and the other is more ordinary.

Because the production cost of bubble bags is lower than the carton, even when the courier uses it, it is more labor-saving than the carton. If it is a carton, it is necessary to support the carton, then load things, and then seal it with plastic bags It takes time and trouble. But the bubble bag is different. Especially the pearlescent film bubble bag and co-extruded film bubble bag are self-sealing plastic. Things are packed well, time-saving, time-saving and fast.

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