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How is the antistatic value of the antistatic bubble bag affected?

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With the rapid development of electronic products, the effect of antistatic packaging has become very important. Many customers have reported that the antistatic value of antistatic bubble bags is unstable. The measured antistatic value is generally 10-10 11th power. This anti-static value does not meet the requirements of most customers. So what are the main factors that affect the antistatic value of the antistatic bubble bag ?


I. Impact of raw materials

Anti-static bubble bag is the proportion of anti-static agent added to the raw material, so that the bubble bag has anti-static, the raw material is very critical. Antistatic agents can be divided into dry antistatic agents and oily antistatic agents. In the production of anti-static bubble bags, the effect of adding an oil-based anti-static agent is greater than the effect of dryness. The disadvantage is that the produced anti-static bubble bags have a feeling of oil.

The effect of adding a dry antistatic agent when producing an antistatic bubble bag is relatively worse than oily. It can only be increased in proportion. The antistatic effect of the bag can reach 10 to 8-10. So it is very important to choose the raw materials of antistatic agent.

Impact of weather

Bubble bag manufacturers tell you that the humidity of the weather is also the main factor affecting the antistatic value. Antistatic bubble bags generally have a better antistatic value in summer than in winter, and the effect is better, which is mainly affected by the humidity of the weather.

Measuring the impact of the environment

The measurement environment of the anti-static bubble bag also has a great impact on the measured anti-static value. The regular measurement environment is measured at room temperature of 23-27 degrees Celsius and in a ventilated space, not like many unskilled people in the purification workshop Measure inside. In addition, when measuring, the surrounding computers, televisions and other electronic products will also affect the test anti-static value.

Another is a conductive film composite anti-static bubble bag: a conductive film composite anti-static bubble bag is based on an anti-static bubble film, and then is compounded with a conductive PE film and processed. It is suitable for the packaging of electronic products that are more sensitive to static electricity. At the same time, we can divide it into single-sided composite bubble bags and double-sided composite bubble bags according to the structure of the film layer. Among them, the surface resistance of its conductive film: 103-105Ω.

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