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What is the role of optical brightener for bubble film?

Source: http://voltermc.com/??sag沙龙国际??/99.html Release time: 2019-10-30

Speaking of bubble film, we should not be unfamiliar. Some of our online shopping products will use bubble film, also called air cushion film, in order to protect the product from moisture, buffer, heat insulation and shock when mailing. The bubble film we see is white and bright, which is very beautiful, thanks to the fluorescent whitening agent for the bubble film.


Nowadays, the competitiveness of various industries is becoming greater and greater. The same is true for bubble film manufacturers . In addition, the state encourages the recycling of resources. Many bubble film manufacturers have begun to use new materials and recycled old materials for production. Increased profits of manufacturers to a certain extent. However, the whiteness and transparency of the bubble film produced from recycled plastic are often unsatisfactory. In order to solve the appearance problem of the bubble film of recycled plastic, you can choose to add a fluorescent whitening agent for bubble film to increase the whiteness of the bubble film.

Fluorescent whitening agent special for bubble film can whiten and brighten bubble film. Bubble film is a soft thin film plastic, so it has higher requirements on the dispersibility, stability and transparency of fluorescent whitening agent. Therefore, the fluorescent whitening agent for bubble film has good dispersibility and can be dissolved in organic solvents. It has good stability and can prevent the bubble film from migrating and yellowing for a long time. The whiteness value is high and the bubble film can be seen by the naked eye. The whiteness and brightness make the appearance of the product more competitive.

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